David Knox Photography
The False ProphetHarbingers of the Last JudgementPrayers of the SaintsBeyond The WildernessThe Ordination of Tobin Porter Brown
7 KingsThe Consecration of Elijah WhitfieldSeven TrumpetsThere the Vultures Will GatherProphecy in ExileThis World BelowThe OccupationProphets of the Winter SeigeConquest of the HolyThe Unsacred Ascension of the DeadThe Second ResurrectionSounding of the Sixth Trumpet
Tableaux Montage
In this recent work, Tableaux Montage, I combine historical images from the American Civil War with my own work to create photomontages depicting an imagined, surreal world set somewhere in the mid 19th century South. These tableaux weave together the disparate lives of Union and Confederate soldiers, women and children, freedmen and slaves, civilians and clergy. The characters in these fabled scenes and the symbols around them offer fictional narratives that represent and explore hardship, loss, survival, gender, race, class, religion, death, and resurrection.

The pervasiveness of Christianity in the South combined with the apocalyptical wartime destruction of the landscape provide reference for many of the titles, based on verses from the Book of Revelation. The physical pieces, large in scale, are informed by several nineteenth-century printing processes including stereographs, tintypes, wet plate collodions and panoramics.